Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This is my logo, this is for a school program called Craig's school of horror.

I believe my logo is the perfect design for my program.

The program is to do with a school that slowly becomes an awfully violent school. A teacher called Craig starts to murder all the little children and put them in the school meals.

So therefore my logo is good for my program as it has for instance: a pencil which resembles the school part of the program and a knife which resembles the violence part of the program. Also the background colour is good as it kind of means blood and horror.


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  2. Logo: Good links to conventions in your logo that follows conventions of horror also. Sound technical skills shown.
    focus on how you can develop your Photoshop skills to push your design skills forward. C1

    Evaluation: Only basic explanations used to identify how your logo represents what it does.
    T: Much more detail needed to push higher, and you must talk about connotations.