Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This is my logo, this is for a school program called Craig's school of horror.

I believe my logo is the perfect design for my program.

The program is to do with a school that slowly becomes an awfully violent school. A teacher called Craig starts to murder all the little children and put them in the school meals.

So therefore my logo is good for my program as it has for instance: a pencil which resembles the school part of the program and a knife which resembles the violence part of the program. Also the background colour is good as it kind of means blood and horror.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Crop tool on photoshop step by step

Step 1: Select the crop tool, which is the fifth one down on the left hand side image. There are grabbable corners on the image you want to crop.

Step 2: If you want, you can constrain your crop by clicking on the drop down menu in the options bar. You can create your own crop by doing this.

Step 3: Hit the tick button to apply. If you turn off delete cropped pixel in the options bar, photoshop keeps the trimmed areas as part of the document in case you want to bring them back in later.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Denotation: In the picture there is a skeleton and a devil. There is also a fire triangle on the ground. Its a blue and purple background.
Connotation: I think it has something to do with the illuminati as there is a triangle instead of the letter o and also there is a triangle on the ground made of fire. Also there is a devil.
Denotation: a man in a white top and jeans. A red hat in his pocket. Leather belt. red and white background.
Connotation: It says 'born in the USA' suggesting that he is proud to be American. He could be a baseball player as he has a cap in his pocket.
The strokes album
Denotation: a white skinned female, posing, she's got a black glove on
Connotation: a model
Queen album
Denotation: black background, old fashioned haircuts, wearing black to blend into background
Connotation: Brothers or friends, 80s maybe
Wish you were here
Denotation: Man shaking another mans hand, buildings in the background, one man is on fire
Connotation: The man on fire could be someone who is dead and the other one wishes he was alive
Who's next
Denotation: 4 men in the middle of no where, cuboid building behind them, they're on phones
Connotation: Maybe they've been abandoned and are calling for help
Nite vision
Denotation: background is red and white diagonal lines, its got the album name in red on it.
Connotation: You can only see Soul wax nite vision it is hard to read suggesting you need night vision to read it.
Parallel lines
Denotation: background is black and white parallel lines, there is a women in the middle of five men which are wearing black and white suits.
Connotation: the black and white lines are maybe there to blend in with the suits or they are there to tell you that black and white people are equal
Denotation: there is a black skinned man that looks miserable, black background
Connotation: it is just him and the bland background maybe saying that you should take him for who he is.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Waterloo Road is obviously a rubbish school, because in the opening scene all the kids are up to all kinds of things. One boy smashes a window with a hockey stick, this connotes that he doesn't care about the school property. The teachers don't do anything about this, this connotes that that they just don't care. The teachers also set a bad impression on this students as they just smoke in the playground. The head teacher has obviously got very depressed about this school as he loses it and starts throwing all the books,paper and equipment out of the window.