Thursday, 12 September 2013

Denotation: In the picture there is a skeleton and a devil. There is also a fire triangle on the ground. Its a blue and purple background.
Connotation: I think it has something to do with the illuminati as there is a triangle instead of the letter o and also there is a triangle on the ground made of fire. Also there is a devil.
Denotation: a man in a white top and jeans. A red hat in his pocket. Leather belt. red and white background.
Connotation: It says 'born in the USA' suggesting that he is proud to be American. He could be a baseball player as he has a cap in his pocket.
The strokes album
Denotation: a white skinned female, posing, she's got a black glove on
Connotation: a model
Queen album
Denotation: black background, old fashioned haircuts, wearing black to blend into background
Connotation: Brothers or friends, 80s maybe
Wish you were here
Denotation: Man shaking another mans hand, buildings in the background, one man is on fire
Connotation: The man on fire could be someone who is dead and the other one wishes he was alive
Who's next
Denotation: 4 men in the middle of no where, cuboid building behind them, they're on phones
Connotation: Maybe they've been abandoned and are calling for help
Nite vision
Denotation: background is red and white diagonal lines, its got the album name in red on it.
Connotation: You can only see Soul wax nite vision it is hard to read suggesting you need night vision to read it.
Parallel lines
Denotation: background is black and white parallel lines, there is a women in the middle of five men which are wearing black and white suits.
Connotation: the black and white lines are maybe there to blend in with the suits or they are there to tell you that black and white people are equal
Denotation: there is a black skinned man that looks miserable, black background
Connotation: it is just him and the bland background maybe saying that you should take him for who he is.


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  1. In general Frankie, you need much more detail for your connotations. Think about what it says about the artist.