Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Evaluation on my power point presentation on Pinks music video

My presentation went pretty well. It had a lot of information about the music video which was sung by Pink.

The information on my presentation ranged from what the men/women wore, to what the message of the song was. All of my points and information were very clear.

When me and my partner actually performed our presentation it wasn't the most amazing performance. My partner kept on moving the slides forwards too quickly, making it unable for me and the audience to finish reading the whole slide. We did fairly good at reading out the slide to the audience.

WWW: we made the info clear
WWW: we wrote descriptive answers
WWW: we read it out fairly clearly to the class

EBI: better if my partner took his time changing the slide
EBI: being more confident in front of the class
EBI: if we put more effort into the presentation

Overall I believe me and my partner did fairly well on our presentation.

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