Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mock GCSE exam questions

Q1: What conventions have I used and why?

On my magazine cover I have used the celebrity Megan Fox. I have done this because she is probably a role model for many teenage girls and they probably want to look just like her. This will attract the buyer (that will probably be a teenage girl) and make them want to buy it cause it catches your eye.

Q2: What are the effects of my Layout, Typography, Colour choice and Language Choice?

On my magazine it is organized so that there is three small stories on the left and only one on the right hand side. This makes it visually balanced. The title of the magazine is positioned at the top of the magazine in the centre. My title has been made bold so that it catches the viewers eye and is very clear.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

homework- typography

Font 1: LEGO- I think the company have used this sort of font for the brand Lego, because it is for children. This is good for a child as it is bright, colorful  and it is very bold which makes it stand out

Font 2: Jokerman- This is probably my least favourite font. This is because it is very messy and at times can be very hard to read.

Font 3: Old London- This particular font is very original and it is probably one of my favourite fonts out of the lot. It is basically like a normal font, apart from the capital letters, which look really medieval.

Font 4: Arial black- This font I find is extremely boring. It is basically just a font you use all the time, because it is the default font.

Font 5: Nintendo- I think this font looks very old fashioned, even though it is a company that creates video games. However, I quite like this font as it is fairly bold making it more visible and it is just quite a sensible font.

Font 6: Disney- This is probably the font I hate most after the jokerman font. This font is just so babyish. This is probably the reason the company have used this style of font however.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.